Modern Muse: Le Rouge

As Valentine`s day was coming close, and I literally had nothing related to post, and I couldn't`t think of an outfit as it`s not a day in which you do a particular activity, but I still wanted to post something so as to remember the date. In the end, I got this idea of a Valentines fragrance, and just by chance I recently got "Modern Muse, le rouge" by Estee Lauder that for me has a very romantic scent. 
As I always do when I talk about a new fragrance I like to tell you a bit about the scent. I know nobody will go and buy it just by my review, but it might give you an idea if you will or will not like it. I was introduced to the Modern Muse collection last year while shopping at Estee Lauder when I was given some samples, and I smelled the original one and liked it. When I decided to go and buy it, I came across three different fragrances: Modern Muse, Moder Muse Chic and Modern Muse Le Rouge. Instantly I was between the first and the last option. I decided I could go for Le Rouge more for other peoples opinion than mine, and now I`m glad I took the most unconventional option as I can use it as my Valentine`s post... actually because I like it a lot for the summer and I had nothing fresh to put on. When you first smell the fragrance you think about roses, from what I investigated it contains a variety of roses and other flowers as jasmine and magnolia. On the website it also talks about a velvet creme accord, which I have no idea of the meaning, but maybe you like it. I recommend the fragrance for the day and night, but I can tell it`s not the most intense scent so you will have to re-apply it every 5 hours if you want to smell like a Modern Muse the whole day. This photos lead me to wonder "who is a Modern Muse?" and according to Estee Lauder it`s the woman who is always noticed, is on the spotlight without trying to do so, but when she wants to make an impression, she wears Le Rouge. I liked the idea of a woman who never goes unnoticed, sometimes it happens to me but I am not always the happiest with it, unless I`m wearing Le Rouge and I know I am being noticed because of it.
The question now is, are you a Modern Muse Le Rouge?

Read and shop more about the fragrance on the Estee Lauder website here.

PS: Estee Lauder also has good quality make up that I wear almost everyday, so I thought I would share with you my favourite products. First of all, my all time favourite "foundation" is the Double Wear All Day Glow BB cream. I like it because it`s not greasy, it`s very light to wear all year round and has an SPF 30. Then I like the Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara as it leaves my lashes thin but lifts specially near the end of the eye and creates a very natural looking eye. Third, I like the Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick creme in Vanilla Creme as it hydrates my lips and the colour is a nude with a soft pink note. I`m wearing the three products here and you can shop them here: BB CreamSumptuous Mascara and the Pure Color Lipstick


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