When you see that it´s no longer the first month of the year, you realise you need to start getting things done. I will try to post more because I know I haven´t done a good job there recently. But I have the next 40 days to catch up on what is left from LA, the old travel guides, some stuff I shot this summer, the awards season and the upcoming fashion weeks. I can already tell I´m not gonna finish, but let´s hope I do. 
   To tell you the truth, I haven´t been busy recently, but I was taking some time for myself, less social media and more real life interaction, and it was not planned at all, it just happened. I enjoyed it but I think it´s over now. I´m going to enjoy what is left of my summer holidays because I´m back to the routine sooner than the expected. But I don´t want to ore you with my uncomplicated life, let´s talk about Hollywood. 
   The Hollywood sign or the walk of fame? Let´s talk about both. The walk of fame is the place with all the stars on the floor, a touristic point on the city for sure. It´s not the most quiet are of the city, but as you can imagine is perfect for walking, doing some shopping and being a tourist. Then you can pay a visit to the most famous landmark in Los Angeles, the Hollywood sign. And as I always have some anecdotes to tell you, did you know that it used to say "Hollywoodland"? That´s because it was a new neighbourhood and the sign was created by the real state agency, that still exists today, to promote it. 
   Outfit? As simple as it looks, a stripped shirt with my favourite Paige denim black jeans and a pair of brown booties. That´s all. 
Thank you for reading and have a lovely week!

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