Crochet-trim Triangle

Every season  we come across a clothing item we can`t stop wearing. This summer I found myself wearing this swimsuit all the time. Probably because it`s one of my newest wardrobe incorporation or maybe because it`s simple, comfortable. I realised that a basic triangle bikini is more comfortable than any other. This one is not so basic because of the crochet details that also happen to be trendy at the moment. 
I`m now back from the summer holidays but I still have some more pictures to share with you. I know I`m always late on posts but I always have something to do and I`m either tired or busy. But my goal for this year is to work harder on all aspects of my life, so I`m going to try to do the same on the blog.
I hope you like this pictures taken right before sunset, my favourite time to be on the beach when people start to leave and you have the place to yourself. (I also included some other pictures taken during the day so you can see the bikini better).
Hope you have a nice end of the week!

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