Before the Sun Sets

In each season I found one outfit I would re-wear every single day if I could. This summer, I felt in love with this set from Brandy Melville (if you read my blog frequently, you already know I´d been loving all their stuff lately). In case you are not familiar with the brand, everything is soft and thin because they only make one-size so that the clothes can stretch, I guess. The skirt may not look appropriate for the summer, but I don´t see myself wearing it in a cold weather. As you can see it´s very casual and they are know for being inspired by the LA lifestyle. It´s relaxed but you can´t be unnoticed in their stripes tops. Besides, if you are a Taylor Swift fan you might have seen her wearing this skirt... just to make it clear, I didn´t intend to copy her, but I found out afterwards and I wanted to tell you that I have the same skirt as T.S. As for the shoes whenever I don´t know what to wear I go for a pair of vans and I make sure to dress it down. 
And guys, what do you think about the landscape? I love taking pictures on the beach at dusk, right before the sun sets, and I´m so excited to be flying back to the beach tomorrow! I need to go finish packing, so that´s going to be all for now!


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