5 must see looks from the Grammys 2016

I know I`m two days late on the Grammys red carpet, so I decided not to write about all the looks, but instead only my favourite 5. I guess, I should also explain why I am being so slow with all the updates, but I just returned home and I need to catch up first.

Adele in Givenchy
Back to the colour that suits her best, Adele was looking flawless on a long sleeve gown that fits perfectly her style.

 Chrissy Teigen in Yousef Aljasmi
A proud Chrissy decided to show off her bump in a very interesting white gown that is complemented by a cape. 

 Elie Goulding by Stella McCartney
It`s simple on the front, but when she turns around...Original but it`s nothing "crazy".

 Selena Gomez in Calvin Klein
When your date is Taylor Swift you need to dress appropriately, and a sexy blue sequined slip dress with cut outs is the sollution.

 Taylor Swift in Atelier Versace
I think we can finally say that Taylor Swift can literally pull off anything! And can you believe this ensemble is from Versace??

I liked this outfits because each of them were different and original but very elegant, and elegance is sometimes an element we lack of during the red carpet season for the mere fact of showing off. But this lady's managed to create memorable looks without looking crazy. 


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