Workout resolutions

After New Year you are supposed to start making your "New Year Resolutions" a reality, and when it comes to workout it might become unappealing. We´ve all been there, don´t worry. To motivate myself, it always help getting new workout clothes that I really like on myself. 
The other day, I was discussing with a friend this article on Teen Vogue with a lot of workout outfits from celebrities, and we couldn´t deny that models, such as Kendall and Gigi, had most pull together looks. 
I decided to share with you my outfit and some trends I´ve noticed according to what people are wearing. 
1- We could say that the tights x sports bra combo is the basic.
2- High/mid rise thights are the most popular as they provide more support.
3- Talking about support, you can go as crazy as you want with the sports bra, some even come with push up!
4- For the after-workout I suggest wearing an oversized sweatshirt or (something I found out recently and decided to copy) a flannel style shirt that you can either tight around you waist or put on if it´s cold.
5- shoes, are the most important piece of your outfit. Make sure they are fit correctly because you will be wearing them for a while and need to be comfortable.

OOTD: shoes Nike air max thea, bra VS pink (iconic moment from the fashion show, but got it for free!), VS sport thights


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