OrneLGA Travels to Paris

Once again OrneLGA travels somewhere, and this time I´m taking you with me on my new YouTube video to PARIS! If you´d been here for some time, you probably know that I went to Paris on September, a long time ago, but there´s been so much to post and sometimes in my life in general, that I didn´t have time to edit and prepare a kind of travel guide. But now, after almost four months it´s here.

To start with, we arrived late at night and only had time for dinner, but the following day we woke up full of energy to start wondering around the city. I like going on foot everywhere, but even thought the city landscape is beautiful, I am not 100% sure if it is the easiest way to get somewhere. The streets are puzzles you need to solve before turning right or left, as they are not straight you don´t exactly know where they lead you to. We did some mistakes at first and ended up going to Lafayette, cafe de la Paix, and the Opera. But suddenly it started to rain so our initial coffee break ended up being more than just a break. When the rain stopped we started again. Now, we were a bit less lost and arrived at the Louvre museum without any major complications. Once there, we took the typical pictures outside and did some walking inside. Be aware that there are huge lines to get tickets, so a good idea if you are paying with a card, is to purchase them at the machines as when you go to the movies. Continuing with our adventure, I was impressed by some of the things there, but I´m not going to spoil your visit. After long hours of walking I suddenly uninterested (or maybe just tired) and we decided to go out, passing by Tullerias gardens and stopping at one of the best places in Paris, Angelina. One of the most elegant tea rooms I´ve ever seen, famous for it´s hot chocolate I couldn´t not try. I don´t know how, but we went on foot, from Angelina to the Eiffel tower, right after the hot chocolate, and let me tell you something, it was not near. But I told myself, you are here only for two days, by walking you will get to know the place more. And it´s true! I saw so many city landscapes and took many pictures, and I´m happy with it know. But it´s not all fun and laughs when you are standing under the tower for 1 hour and 30 minutes waiting for your friend to arrive. Just when were about to leave she appeared and we took the elevator up and saw the sun setting behind Paris. Then off we went to dinner to Hard Rock Cafe (my mom has an obsession) and I could chat with my favourite french. Finally we went to bed, but eight hours later we were up again ready to start hour second day. The weather was not on our side again so we spent the morning inside Lafeyette, not that complained or anything. If you have time make sure to go to the last floor where you have THE best view of the city. From the Eiffel tower you can see it all, but can´t see the Eiffel tower! If look at the pictures below you will see what I´m talking about. The day went on with us walking around Champs Elysee, rain, more rain, and the afternoon tea at Laduree. The best macarons of the world! That´s pretty much all we did, walking, watching the rain, and more walking.
If you want to know more about the trip, read my previous articles Moody Paris and Typical Paris, and follow the hashtag #ornelgatravelstoparis.

3 tips:
-Open google maps and load it while you have internet (it keeps on working afterwards but you won´t be able to search anything)
-Go to the last floor of Lafayette
-Drink hot chocolate at Angelina and eat macaroons from Laduree.



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