From Bikini Beach

   When we went to bikini beach, ironically we didn´t wear any bikinis. The idea was to watch some kind of fashion show we got too tired (and hot) of waiting for, but I don´t regret the non-bikini trip as I took this pictures and I love the background. There are some many hidden places in Punta del Este´s surroundings and thanks to my friend Checha I got to see some of them. By the way I want to dedicate the post to her because I´m your friend, just because that, besides, she´s the woman backstage taking the pictures. You know everything will be fine. Let´s move on before somebody gets emotional here (which is almost impossible as I can never make somebody cry for good or bad). 
   Outfit time! As you can see, I´m wearing just a dress, but don´t trick yourself, it´s not that simple. It´s embroidered all over the front with a very "fall inspired" floral motif. But it was the halter neck cut that made me fall for it. I will never get tired of saying how flattering it makes your shoulders look, and this dress in particular that because of it loose shape leaves it all to the imagination. The dress is not the most formal one I´ve ever worn, but as I wore it to the beach I wanted to dress it down, and instead of wearing some sandals, the trend it to wear sneakers now. Don´t feel bad for the future worn out shoes, Alexa Chung once said that when she buys a new pair of Converse shoes she just put them in mud to make them look non brand new. This, for me, is totally understandable for me, who wants brand new shoes? Mines definitely didn´t require the previous process as I´d been wearing them non-stop for the last two years, I guess it´s time for a new pair.
   That´s all for now! Make sure to follow my daily updates on Couture Fashion Week and thank you for reading!! Have a nice day, night, or whatever time is it where you are!



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