Brixton Hat

Hi! It`s been a couple of days since I last wrote something, but the new year has me busy, coming and going to the beach, pool, hanging out... you know, summer holidays. The days have been acceptable since January first, but for today that the sun only came around 6 o`clock. But that`s all I`ll tell you about my life at the moment because this outfit deserves more attention.
As you can see, I`m wearing a very simple everyday outfit with the detail of the hat, but it`s not just any hat because it has tassel's on it! Brixton is know for it good quality, but it also has some crazy hats as this one. I got it a long time ago, sometime around March but I never found the opportunity to wear it. It travelled with me from New York, then visited Aruba and Europe, but it was not until last December in L.A. that I decided to finally wear it. It`s something that people in California would wear, at least to my view. The thing is that unexpectedly it was amazingly cold one day so I had to put all my "winter" clothes on, and the hat happened to be an option.
As you can clearly see, the hat has a lot of personality for itself, consequently I had to keep it simple with the outfit (except for the sunglasses). I went for a regular pair of blue jeans, a simple cut stripped top, my old friend, the biker jacket, a pair of converses, and most importantly, the scarf, because of what I was telling you, it was freezing cold. 
All in all, even though I was a bit scared to wear the hat at first, I don`t regret it as the result was really good. A simple outfit can be updated with just an accessory, and this hat was perfect.

Thank you for reading and I hope you are having a wonderful 2016 so far! 


PS: If you are wondering where in LA I took this photos, it was in one of the Topshop windows at The Grove, so thank you Topshop for the cool building!

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