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A new Travel post has landed! It´s been soooo long since I last posted a travel guide that I feel really guilty, so I decided to do it before my upcoming trip to Los Angeles! Let´s get started with this day!
Brighton is a city located in the south coast of England, just one hour away from London by train, yes only one hour! We took the train around 9 or 10 a.m. at London Bridge train station, where you can make the connection with the underground. So an hour later we arrived to the coast. Just the station was beautiful, and with the little information I´ve previously collected, we could easily get to the beach. We just walked straight, approximately 8 blocks and we could see the sea. Down we went to the beach and came across the "sand", that was not sandy. Instead, there are little rocks. So cute! 
The place was so quiet, and it looked like a postal. The view included the "Brighton Pier", the old pier, and the ocean afar the finishes in calm waves. A walk in the beach is absolutely worth it.Not to mention the Brighton wheel, also on the coast. Back to the topic of the pier, is in fact a fair. I bet it´s a really fun place to visit at night. All the games and the fun from a fair beside one the most beautiful beaches.I also had a yummy ice-cream, I felt like in a movie. If you want to read more from this day, take a look at my outfit post here, where I talk a little bit more about the city.
It´s not all about the beaches, because the city is as breathtaking as the previous. There´s a section of small streets, pedestrian streets, an area that can be called the shopping zone. It´s not far away from the beach, maybe one or two blocks away. The fact that everything is small and the shops are close to each other, gives you that feeling of warmth and creates a cosy atmosphere. Even though there are the usual shops as Pandora or MAC, there´s no change in the general vibe. I store I really liked was the Cath Kidston one, hehe, if you follow me, you know I really like this place, but this particular store was so adequate for the city. A dream.
Last but not least, we visited the "Choccywoccydoodah" store. You probably have no idea of what I´m talking about, but you probably know about their TV show, "Choco Fantasy", a kind of reality show where the most amazing chocolate sculptures are created. We had the opportunity of seeing them in real life, and even in that case, they don´t look real. What I´m trying to say is that they look so real that you don´t believe they are made of chocolate. What´s more, we had tea here. Well, it was not tea. If we say chocolate, it would be more accurate. I had the most wonderful slice of cake in my entire life. Several layers of cake and chocolate, whith more chocolate on top and a scoop of ice-crea. AND I made the mistake of ordering a hot chocolate. It was delicious, no doubt, but it was also tooooooooo much chocolate. I felt like the kid of Willy Wonka, the one who drowned on the chocolate river. 
After that, I managed to get up and walk back to the train station, I still don´t know how I made it. But an hour afterwards, we were back in London.
To tell you the truth, together with Positano, Brighton is one of those unique citys I´d like to go back and stay longer. It would be a wonderful place to go and stay with your family (and take them to the chocolate store) as there are many activities to do with young kids. 
Brighton, a city that looks less real than what it is. 


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