Get Festive with Burberry

Christmas is less than 4 days away, and I know a lot of people who wait till last minute to shop all the gifts. This is not my case, because this particular year I´d had plenty of time for myself this last December (I´m not saying I hadn´t been busy), so I did my shopping with time, and found out of some inspiration in Burberry. 
This brand is know for being classic and has a very clear image, and that´s why I´d come quite interested in them. There are some basic pieces you should have. One of them is the famous checked scarf. In recent time they started monogramming them, which means you get personalised with the initials of your name. You can include up to 3 letters from several colours. I recommend you do it in red or black, as it would look good with the checked print of the scarf. In my case I got an "O" in black, and I´ll tell you about my experience. I ordered it online with the pick up in store service. I supposed it was going to take some days, but after 2 days, I got an e-mail saying it was waiting for me in their store! It´s very efficient and it comes in a box, among other things, so the presentation is also approved. You are still in time to order yours before Christmas!
Last year, the "My Burberry" fragrance came out, and this year it became festive. It´s the same fragrance but it comes with shimmering gold flakes. Even if you find it useless, is cute. It remminds me of the cristal spheres with water and a landscape inside, that when shaken it looks like it´s snowing. Anyway, you are probably interested in what it smells like. I´d been reading a little and it´s a floral scent, but when you smell it deeply there´s something strong. It´s probably a fruit. In their website, it´s decribed as "...My Burberry is a contemporary British grand floral. Top notes of sweet pea and bergamot fuse with a geranium leaf, golden quince and freesia heart, rounded out with a base of patchouli and rain-tipped damask and centifolia roses..." I recommend it for fall or winter, maybe even for spring, but it´s not fresh or the usual floral you use in summer. I like it because it represents the brand, it´s classic and british. 
And my last idea is something from their festive beauty collection, under the name of "festive gold". I went for the eye colour cream, but the lipsticks and lipglosses seem interesting. They even have a base and a scented luminasing powder. The top colours of the season are red and gold, and they are also quite related with Burberry, so that´s what the collection about. I can talk about the eyeshadow, that happens to come with a little brush (perfect for when are travelling). I´m not usually interested in eyeshadow, but I saw this one and I like it, mainly because it´s quite nude with some shimmer. The other night we went out and I styled it in a different way from the pictures. It consists of contouring your eyes first (brighter on the inside and darker on the outsides of your eyes), then you apply this cream from the inside to the outside trying to mix it with the darker part of your eyes. And last you have to apply your usual eyeliner, and try to soften it at the end with a brush, trying to mix the three products (eyeliner, the contouring powder and the gold eyecolour cream). I´m telling it´s good, specially if you are not very good with eyeshadow as me! You can´t make many mistakes. Perfect for the 24th/25th of December.
As you can see, there´s still time to shop your Christmas gifts. This year I´d been inspired by Burberry (I gifted all to myself), and I came to the conclusion that you can´t go wrong. A Burberry scarf is a basic, and if you monogram it, it will show that you thought more about the other person. The "My Burberry" can also be monogrammed and it´s also a nice gift related to the holidays, And as regards the festive make up, it has all you need for the holidays season. I´m loving it!!!

I wish you luck with your last minute Christmas shopping! There´s still plenty of time!
Happy Holidays,


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