Chritmas in Red

When we think about Christmas the first colour that pops into our minds is red. Maybe it´s because of Santa, but I can´t deny that it´s the colour of the Holidays. Last year I dressed up in a green dress ( see it here ), and this year I opted for a red midi skirt with a lot of volume. I was reading about it, and it´s called "prom", which is quite accurate regarding of the shape it has. Then I picked a top, in this case a shirt with a heart print. In fact, I first bought the shirt and then I thought of the matching skirt. To finish the look I opted for a pair of  stilettos heels as something with height was required because of the lenght of the skirt,
When I saw the final look, I was speechless. The skirt says it all. The satin fabric in contrast with the print of the shirt, creates a formal, but fun at the same time, look. As I was getting ready, I had my hair up, so I made it a little messy and left it like that. Make up was another story. I did the usual make up, and started with a little of contouring. But the interesting part is on the eyeshadow. Maybe it´s not very clear in pictures, but I´m wearing a Burberry festive golden eyeshadow. I never put anything on my eyes, so this is a big step. For the lips I went for my usual red lipstick combination of the Rimmel 111 with the YSL rouge 
As regards other topics, I always take this time of the year to think about the positive and negative situations of the year. If I tell it was a balance I would be lying I only take as something negative what doesn´t have a solution, and I had solutions to all my problems. I don´t get into unnecessary trouble. And I´m calling to you and to my friends to do the same. Think about the unsolved problems of the year, reflection and solve them. Use this last couple of days of 2015, so you can say you had a great year. No more fighting, no more stressing, more friendship, more happiness in your life.
I dare you!

PS: aren´t midi skirts the best trend that ever walked through the runway?

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