Christmas morning in Victoria's Secret

Christmas is around the corner, and I couldn`t be more excited to post my outfits with you. I`ve prepared other posts besides this one, including a Burberry Christmas, a hual including the famous Ugly Christmas Sweaters, and my Christmas outfit. Sounds good... 
Today it`s time for a Christmas morning. that magical moment we see in the movies, where kids wake up wanting to open the presents. Well, I thought of a way of catching that feeling in this post. First we have The Dreamer Flannel Pajama, a simple pair of pajamas but with a very seasonal print. I love sleepwear, and this sets were always my favourites. The best part is all the different prints they come in. I`m wearing Tis The Season. Make sure to double check the size, because as I always say, Victoria`s Secret sizes are not conventional.
It`s also been a long time since I last wrote a fragrance review, and Winter Bombshell is the perfect one for the season. is very soft  and specially sweet. I smell jasmine tones and I`ve read it also has starfruit and camellia tones. It`s both, floral and fruity, and it deffinitlyndoesn`t feel like winter. Another detail is the bottle, that looks like a winter wonderland and itnfinishes with a red bow. It`s a bottle of winter with the smell of the first days of spring. It`s a highly recommendable Christmas gift. I`ve been reading some reviews and everybody who has it recommends it. Stocking stuffer, maybe...
All in all, Victoria`s Secret has the best Christmas presents. If you are looking for gifts for your friends you can buy perfumes or pantys with great prices. What`s more, this month, they are givingtons of gifts, from bras, to bags, from towels to creams. When you buy the winter Bombshell or Bombshell you get the cream for free. 
I know many things are sold out online, but I`ve seen that they`ve got some left in stores. You better hurry up and don`t leave everything till the end as I always do.
Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping


Shop the Dreamer Flannel Pajama here and the Winter Bombshell Parfum here

PS: I thought I`ll give an update on my life. I`ve just arrived from L.A. and I`m having bittersweet emotions. I`m happy to be home with my monsters but I also want to go back to just being on holidays... but I have many plans with my girlfriends anyway. In other news, I can`t find my blog back up where I have many videos and photos I haven`t posted and I`m freaking out.... So stressing. Hope you enjoy the Holidays


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