Christmas in LA

It´s finally Christmas eve, and the mood has lighten up. People are back home ready to chill for the next days. Some are still doing their Christmas shopping, but that is only for those who leave it to last minute. Anyway, I´m writing this to all of those who are already in the festive mood. 
When you think about Christmas, based on all the movies we think about cold weather and snow, and people bundled up drinking hot chocolate. Well, sadly we don´t celebrate like that all over the world. I live in Argentina, and I talk on behalf the whole south hemisphere where the weather is anything but cold. Before going on, it´s cool here as long as you want it to be cool. 
Recently I´ve been to Los Angeles, where it´s not cold either. The first days of December it was warm/nice, and around the 10th it got a little cold/windy, but nothing extreme. A light jacket and you are done. Despite the weather the joy and celebration is there. One of the most festive locations of the city is in The Grove. For those who don´t know what it is, it´s a open air shopping centre with places to eat and shop, located beside a farmers market on Fairfax and 3rd. The first thing you notice is a cute red house located on the middle of the street. There, if your age allows you (or you are a dog) you can get your picture with Santa and tell him what you want for Christmas. If you are to old for that, there are more decorations for you to appreciate. The most relevant is the huge Christmas tree where taking a photo is inevitable. Just a tip, it´s better at night. In fact, the whole place gets better as the time of the day goes by, even the amount of visitors. Around 5 the festive music blasts and minutes later you will innevitablily come across a band playing Christmas carols live. But be aware that the best is yet to come. 
All year round you can hop on a train and go around the place, but in this special time of the year, at 7 and at 8 p.m. some guys take over it and the magic begins. If you stay near the cinema, you will be lucky to whitness the train whit some friends as Santa or mr. Gingerbread man, and group of dancers. What´s (much) more, it will start to snow! Yes, snow in LA! Well, maybe it´s not really cold snow, but it´s as magical. The amount of happy faces I saw back then are only attributed to the magic of Christmas. 

Moving on to my outfit, I wore once again, my A-line skirt. It´s practical and I´m not going to repeat again all the reasons why I like it because you already know it, but I tried a more relaxed, more trendy look this time. The thing for the 70´s seems to still be a thing, so I took some seude for the top and some booties to make it casual, and finished the look with my round sunglasses. Comfortable, trendy, perfect for this weather and very California inspired. 


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