What I Wore

This a quick outfit post of what I wore that other time (over a month ago) to a fashion show, here in my city. I hardly go out when I´m home, actually we go out for lunch, coffee... but never to events. What´s more, the other night I went out "clubbing" for the first time in ages and didn´t make it to the club! But this time it was different because my friend, Checha, was walking, and no matter how busy I was I couldn´t miss her first time walking on a runway. I was lucky to have my other friend, Guille, with me, because the show ended up being super late and long. At least I had somebody to talk to. Even though I was a bit reluctant to go because my exams were approaching, I didn´t regret it at all. I´m not saying I will go to any fashion show from now onwards, but I did have a good time, approving and criticising the different looks. 
When it came to the outfit, I found myself at a lost, was it fancy or casual? But I was sure of one thing, I wanted to wear the sleeveless coat. I´ve been wanting one for the past six months, and when I finally got my hands in this basic one, I had to wear it! I opted for a pair of black trousers with a high rise, due to which I wore a crop top. The vest contributes to make it more formal and it´s simply an accessory.
Hope you all give my outfit a good mark!



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