Tie your Trousers

Hello! I´m sorry that I haven´t bee very active recently but my final exams are approaching and I get SO nervous. I literally feel so bad at this time of the year, but I try to tell myself that there are only 2 weeks left and then I can focus on the blog 24/7. I really can´t wait for it. I will also have time to edit the videos that I know I´m running late with my schedule. I have all the travel guides, a haul, I was planning on doing another one and a different video, and then comes another trip and Christmas and boom! I´m EXTREMELY late with the videos!

In other news we have today´s post about one of my days in London. If I´m not wrong, we did nothing crucial this day. Probably shopping that is in fact crucial but not relevant. I took this photos in the neighbourhood we were staying, I don´t know the name but it´s one block from Kensington Gardens and near Notting Hill. I like it but I don´t know if I would stay in this area again, I´d rather be in the heart of the city. But I´m not planning a trip soon so I don´t need to think about it. 

As I told you before, we spend the day shopping. Some areas I recommend are Oxford Street and Regent Street. (no news here, right?) My must see are :
1-Topshop at Oxford Circus where you can eat, get you make-up and hair done (extensions, crazy colours, nails, eyebrows...whatever you need), and shop from several brands. Personally I spend more time in this store than in all the rest convinced. My mom says you come as one person and leave as a new one. 
2-Burberry at Regent Street. It´s the heart of the British culture and it´s their biggest store in the world. I was in love with a huge screen they had there that showed their campaigns. I went to pick up a monogrammed scarf that took less time than the expected to be done, which means the service was perfect.
3-The Lush store at Oxford Circus. If you are familiar with the brand you know what I´m talking about. They are famous because of their bath bombs, but they´ve got a variety of make up as well. I passed by the store and as I smelled how strong it was, I decided to but something on the last days. It´s so cute, I can´t wait to show you how this bombs work. jeje (feeling like a child)
4-Selfridges is the best shop in the world. It´s like a mixture between Saks and Macy´s, you can find every brand that pops into your mind. Let´s say HM? MAC? Valentino?... Yes, a wide variety. I´m happy because I could get some lipsticks from Charlotte Tilbury that were on my wishlist for a long time, but what really got me over the moon is that they had a Victoria Beckham dress I ordered on her website and got the wrong dress. But Selfridges saved the day. I asked one of the sellers if they happened to have it in stock, and she said: yes! The rest is history.
5-This is another must see for me, Cath Kidston. If you are a fan of all girly things come here. Seriously, they are the kings of the floral prints. They specialise on decoration but there are also some clothes. I got some stationary stuff and a pair of pyjamas. 

 Near this area we can also find a very beautiful place called Carnaby Street. It´s a pedestrian street near Regent street and is packed with small shops of a variety of brands you probably like. I first found out about this place when I visited London two years ago looking for Pepe Jeans, but you can also find places as American Apparel, Brandy Melville, Toms, Jack Willis... and many more that if you are around my age, you know what I´m talking about. For more I recommend you to take a look at their website because it´s very complete. Link: www.carnaby.co.uk/

Moving on to my outfit, I wore a pair of HM trousers that tie on the front. Yes, that right not zipper. This is a huge trend at the moment. I don´t know if you remember but I´ve already told you about the lace up flats here or in tops here, but if you are not 100% convinced, I´ll do a special post in the futere. Back to the trousers, don´t let them fool you, the DO have a zipper but it´s not in the front. They are super strech and have a zipper on of the sides. And trust me, they are comfortable. The rest of the outfit is super casual and doesn´t need much explanation.

OOTD: HM TrousersRay-Ban Sunglasses, Converse shoes, Forever 21 sweatshirt, and Zara backpack. 

I´m either really happy or part of a dance act. 


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