The Magic of Kensington

Kensington gardens are one of the highlights from London. There´s no park in the world as beautiful as this one. The day started at the Orangery where we had a delicious breakfast. In fact it was one of the best ones I´ve had in my life. Not only the crockery and the building were stunning, but the food was very good as well. Our plan was to enjoy a little the Kensington Gardens, see the Palace and end it at the Victoria and Albert museum. 
As I was telling you we decided to walk around the Kensington Gardens. I can´t find the words to describe it, but it reminds me of "Alice in Wonderland". If you take a look at the pictures below, you will see what I´m talking about (be aware that some were taken at home because I wanted you to have a better look at my outfit). This place is like a dream come true. The perfect scenery for a photoshoot. I´m so in love with this garden, all the flowers, the pond, and all the hard work it must involve has me flabbergasted.
Very near the Palace, we came across the Round Pond. Another picturesque place, worth hundreds of pictures. The fact that you get to see nature so close in the middle of the city. We saw many cute squirrels, that are very popular in parks, but not in my country. We only have birds, not that I´m complaining, but it´s nice to see the variety. What´s more, there were many swans and geese that are absolutely dreamy! I get so excited every time I see "non-pet" animals, they are so cute!!!
Our day continue with a walk towards the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain, that creates a contrast with the rest of the place. I came to the conclusion that the memorial is of a very modern art, probably because she was an innovator, a revolutionary figure, ahead of her time. Anyway, this was a must for us because my mother wanted to see it.
But for me, the mandatory destination was the Victoria and Albert museum, with the aim of visiting the "Shoes, pain and pleasure" exhibition. I´d been interested in it since the idea first emerged on the media. Even thought you couldn´t take pictures, the trip was worth it. You could learn about shoes trough history, how to make a shoe, different processes, the craziest shoes ever made, and some celebrity shoes. There even were some entire collections that belong to certain shoe lovers. All in all, it was very productive, and even my mother, who doesn´t speak English and is not particularly interested  in shoes and fashion, enjoyed it!
If you are interested in visiting this exhibition, take a look at their website: here.

As regards my outfit, I was looking for something casual, that is also understand as jeans, but not boring. I opted for some lace, that is generally my least favourite fabric, but it seems to be "in" this season, and I decided to give it a try. I like the top because instead of opening in the middle, it does towards a shoulder. But the highlight of the outfit goes to the jacket. It´s one of those fine pieces that you know will look very elegant with a simple outfit. I fell in love with the design and the materials. It is a good buy!

Hope you all have a relaxing weekend!


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