The Last Hunger Game

The saga is over, but not before we can take a look at the best Red Carpet looks the group had for the promotion of this last movie. Even though, I´ve only seen two of the movies, the first and the last one, I must say I like the saga. I just don´t have the time to watch the other, BUT I will now that I´ve officially started my Holidays! And what a better way of celebrating than by watching this movie with friends. Probably, I find sagas interesting, not because there are several films, but because I go with my friends. I still remember when we saw "The Hunger Games" and was not sure what to expect under that name, but I´m glad I went because even if you end up hating it, which is not the case, you have a good time with your group. All in all, it´s clear that I had a good time, and now let´s move on to the premiere outfits.

First stop: Berlin, where Jennifer Lawrence went for her usual, Dior. It´s probably my least favourite look of the promotion tour, but it surely made an impact.

London, another destination for Jennifer and her love for Dior. But her co-stars took risks as her. For example, Elizabeth Banks opted for a long gown that opens on the front and shows a pair of basic black trousers, I´m pretty sure this has a name, but so far I only know that it was designed by Razan Alazzouni. Julianne Moore went for a white Alexander McQueen ensemble, while Natalie Dormer decided on a black and white printed Ong-Oaj Pairam (it´s never too late to discover new designers. But this night all eyes were on Sam Claflin and his wife, Laura Haddock, who wore a beautiful Burberry gown, but also announced that they are expecting their first child!

In Paris she stunned twice, a casual and a formal dress code, but both from Dior. I was totally in love when I saw the long one on the runway, but the red carpet didn´t disapoint either. Her hair was also on point! I´m a lover for braids and up-dos, and it looked amazingly with this kind of dress.

Next stop, Madrid, where she finally made a change of designer, Ralph Lauren, and I couldn´t be happier! This may be one of the best outfits she wore during this tour and even if it has an open v-neck as the first dress, this one looks more age appropiate. Oh, and the guys, Liam and Josh, looked quite interesting as well.

Beijing came right after, feautering two men in blue and a lady in Dior. The dress contrasted with the lipstick creating a very elegant outfit.

Los Angeles was one of the best Red Carpet moments for the group. Not only did Jennifer pulled of a Dior with embroidered sleeves, with a clasic red lipstick, but also the other girls. Jena Malone in Gauri and Nainika, Natalie Dormer in Vivienne Westwood (breathtaking!) and Willow Shields in Naeem Khan (am I allowed to say "breathtaking" again?).

Our final stop is New York, and it couldn´t have finished in a better way. JL convined a Schiaparelli transparent gown with a very dark violet lipstick, like no other. Jena Malone went in Emanuel Ungaro and Natalie Dormer in Rouland Mouret. For Julianne Moore, Chanel fitted her best. Stef Dawson wore a red Ashis look, while Patina Miller rocked a dress by Giambattista Valli.

Which outfit did you like most? I loved the Madrid Ralph Lauren gown.



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