Not long ago I wore this shorts with their matching top back when I visited Aruba here. Of course it looked amazing as a co-ord but I wanted to wear it again and tought that it was a city approved piece. When the weather heats up and you feel uncomfortable with jeans, a big problem arises. Dresses are an option, but shorts can be viable as well. Not mini, super tight shorts, but something more discrete, with a mid tight length is a good alternative. I´m loving: asosTopshop and zara
Mines are made of a suede material, but are not as warm as you expect them to be, which is a relieve. As a top I opted for a white blouse, that without doubt, is a great summer option. I think that it would also look good with jeans, but it´s goes well with this bohoo look I tried to create here.
The accessories were enchanted in gold. I tried to wear matching things, but the truth is that there are only 3 things. First the flats. I told you before about my crush on lace-up flats, that everybody is wearing. I thought they would look coherent with this outfit as I´m not ready for sandals yet. Then I picked the sunglasses that have been my go everyday for my last month. And last I got this bracelet. Actually I got it on the go the same day as I took the pics. I ´m not a huge fan of jewellery, BUT this one is an open cuff so I don´t have to struggle to put it on. Now I´m loving it and can´t wait to wear it again, re-wear it!
Before my goodbyes, I´d like to talk about my lipstick. It´s one from the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution range, and trust me it´s worth every single penny you spend on it. It has a very victoria natural finish. I´ll probably talk about my favourite lipsticks in a future article. Have in mind that lipsticks in my favourite part of doing my make-up. 



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