Packing for Los Angeles

If you are my friend you probably already know I´m hopping on a plane once again this week to the beautiful city of Los Angeles! I´m really excited to do this trip because for the first time in ages I am completely free! No university, no future exams, everything is done and done right.
I am not used to travelling in this time of the year so I´m not sure what clothes should I pack, besides, LA is like no other city in the world, with a cool weather all year round. I says that the temperature will be between 10 and 20 °C, and it will always be sunny!
Let´s get into packing before it´s too late. I decided to keep it simple in some simple colours, a lot of denim and brown, and the timeless black. I think that I´m going to include another coat or sweater because it seems that it will be colder in the morning, specially for that day that we are going to Disney.
I am surprised I am so simple! Only one pair of sunglasses, and I am not planning on getting new ones. Make up was easy. I am currently obsessed with this shade from Charlotte Tilbury, and browns are a must for the upcoming winter. That nail polish I included is from my mother, but with all that denim it would look good. If I can, I´ll get one for myself.
I´m taking almost everything that is on this list, and if not, I included VERY similar options.
Now that I´m done with packing I´m more excited! See you soon LA!

Packing for Los Angeles

You can shop and view the products by clicking on the blue link! Sorry that the prices are in argentinian money :(
Topshop dress
325 ARS -

Topshop blue dress
565 ARS -

MANGO round top
435 ARS -

Zara bow top
290 ARS -

Topshop western jacket
2.420 ARS -

House of Holland destroyed jeans
2.505 ARS -

Topshop skirt
530 ARS -

Zara ripped jeans
385 ARS -

385 ARS -

Converse white sneaker
485 ARS -

Zara ballet flat
485 ARS -

Daisy Street beatle boots
480 ARS -

Zara backpacks bag
675 ARS -

Zara colorful jewelry
220 ARS -

5.610 ARS -

Ray-Ban ray ban sunglasses
1.820 ARS -

Charlotte Tilbury lips makeup
310 ARS -

Nails Inc nail polish
145 ARS -


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