Daily in Pink

Because we don´t only wear pink on Wednesdays. I know Pink is not as easy to wear as the "Mean Girls" make it look like. The fear of looking ridiculous in colours is more than normal. I´ve been in to neutrals recently, but I had a period in 2013 where I was a colour addict. Seriously, I wore pink, orange, green... and almost no black or denim. Having said that, I can now say that I´ve learnt how to look relaxed in colours, specially bright ones. 
Forget about summer where everything screams colours, and leave behind winter where black is a must. During mid seasons (spring and fall) we need to incorporate some colour. You´ve probably already noticed from the blog aesthetic that I like pink. And yes, I wear it, at home, on a weekday. The first advice I can give you, is to wear it with jeans, not black trousers. Black will make the colour stand out more. Find a way to neutralise the colour, don´t wear the same colour in different shades for the top, bottom, shoes, bag... You can, and sometimes is recommendable, wear it with another item of the same shade, but don´t abuse of this technique. In this case I opted for a very simple basic long sleeve t-shirt and a matching bag, but I slowed down the outfit with, once again, very simple and basic blue jeans and a pair of classic converse. The look as a whole is not that crazy. Try what works for you and feel comfortable, but what I just told is what seems casual for me.
Before saying goodbye I wanted to tell you how cute they key chain is! It´s a pink pom pom that comes with a surprise. When you open it, there´s a mirror! It was so cute that me and my  mom, both got one. 
By the way, if you think I look tired and have a bad hair day, it´s probably because it´s true. I´m getting ready for my exams and this day it rained all day long and my original presentable hair got wet. I guess it makes the outfit more real, casual, natural. 


OOTD: VS Pink Long Sleeve TeeConverse shoes, Victoria´s Secret bag (I got it at the airport and can´t find it online), Zara jeans (I´m not 100% sure if they are the same), and River Island pom pom key ring

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