Highlights from Vienna

Day 2 was SO MUCH FUN! We did so many things. First we walked by the Stephansdom because what else are you supposed to do in Vienna? 
While walking to our meeting point I spoted a very cute street with a little hill and I needed to take a picture. That kind of landscapes that you don´t get to see in your country and gives you the need to capture it.
One of the main activities of the day was to visit the PRATER! I´d been wanting to visit this place because my friend turned tour guide, Joyce, told me about how cool this place was and that she used to go with her siblings. The Prater is a well known amusement park located in a park under the same name. It has plenty of games and attractions for all ages, but a particular one caught my eye. I´m talking about the wheel, called Riesenrad. It´s part of the Austrian culture you definitely should check if you visit Vienna. We got there by underground and I was super excited to say the least. I countless pictures, seriously. The place looked like out of a movie. I took pics of the wheel, park, of us on the wheel, the view, us by the rest of the attractions... you know everything! 
This place is so dreamy. I said it before and forever will, it´s so surreal. I keep on looking for words to describe this place but I can´t. Anywhere you torn the architecture is special, like old but the place doesn´t have that feeling of ancient, it´s modern with that old detailed buildings. And the Prater is the highlight. Even though we only went up to the wheel it was perfect day. 
We then took back the underground to the area of the opera where my dream of eating Sacher cake came true! And what´s more, we ate it at the Sacher Hotel where it was originally made! I literally couldn´t contain my emotions! But I´m saving the pics for the Travel guide.
Our second half of the day consited of walking around the Stadtpark. I needed to burn all the calories of the Sacher cake, seriously! I enjoy the park life because that is something I never do and never will do in my city. Could you believe that this was Joyce s first time on this park? What called my attention the most is the clock made with flowers, I could have it in my garden, you know... More or less the day went on like this, taking in the natural scenery of the most important park of the city, with the perfect flowers and benches as well as the friendly ducks. 
Another topic of interest is that once again, Joyce and I, went accidentally matching! This time it was about the Converse sneakers, which can only mean one thing: "They are really comfortable for days of long walks and sightseeing".
All in all, this were the highlights of the day, and if I´m not wrong we finished the day in the centre.
It was a very productive day because we got to visit the most relevant places of the city and that is crucial when you travel for a short period of time. The Prater and the Stadtpark are the must see attractions that thanks to our organised guide we got to explore as we wished it.
Thank you for reading! LOVE YOU ALL!



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