Through the eyes of London

When you read the words London and Eye together in one sentence, you instantly get what it means. Yes, I´m talking about the London Eye. Literally this wheel is eye of the city. You get to see hundred years of history on one side, nature on the other and the new architecture on the other. Not to mention the "no stop crowds" vibe present in every corner of the city. I guess that up her I realised that London has the best of both worlds in every aspect. It has the historic and the modern buildings, the nature of the parks and the man made buildings. It´s fantastic all you can find in this city. But to tell you the truth, there´s something you can´t avoid looking at from the London Eye, my friend Ben, you know, the big one. The Big Ben is the icon of the city. And it´s been always there telling people they are getting late to their appointments. I don´t know about this last part but it´s the "it" sighting in the UK. One of my dreams was to take a picture of Ben with a black taxi and a classic red double decker bus, and I did it! It was not that difficult because buses come and go as flowers on spring in this area. But it did take some timing. Another picture I can´t denied it´s like a dream is the last one where the hear is perfectly on top of Ben!
Now I´d like to take a tour to the past. The last time I´d been here it was with my school mates and it´s a day I will cherish forever. I remember that those 30 minutes were the climax of the trip, and even though I enjoyed it this time around it was not the same. However I did enjoy something different. It was my Mom´s first time on the London Eye because when she last visited the city it was not there yet!
Moving on to the next outfit of course! I decided that a co-ord, which are so trendy at the moment, would be comfortable enough. This ones consists of trousers and a matching top. The trousers are high waisted and super loose, almost as culottes as they are cropped in the end. The top is also cropped in order to compensate the high waist of the pants. The colour is what convinced me to get the outfit, because blue is the fun alternative to black. Co-ords are not only trendy, but also life essentials. I have some and have the feeling that the make quite elegant outfits. Give them a try, and also take a look at loose/wide trousers, they are not always old-fashioned. Try to copy this outfit and you have it done.

This was an interesting day and I´m super duper happy because we got professional look-a-like pictures. Well, at least that´s what I think. haha
Love you all and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Outfit details; Light before dark via UO trousersmatching top and round sunglasses from Ray-Ban

Here it is! it´s the iconic London pic.

Thanks Mum for this beatiful picture! It couldn´t have turned out better. ;)


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