My heart belongs to the British coast

Today I decided to change things up a little bit. I´m shearing some pictures from my day in Brighton! Yes, instead of posting my second day in Vienna Í´m moving forward to the UK, more precisely to that day we visited the beautiful city by the coast. I´m going to tell you about the day but I´m saving some details for my travel guide you will find under classic "OrneLGA travels to Brighton" including a video.
First things first, the city is located only an hour away from London by train, yes just 1 hour! I first heard about Brighton on a cooking TV programme, way before I started watching Zoella in YouTube. This people from TV happen to have a café that is absolutely a dream! And this is what I´m saving for the travel guide.
I felt in love with the city view. It´s highlights are the beach and the pier. It´s the typical dream coast city. It even has a beautiful pedestrian city centre. Trust me, it has some magic.
When you finally see a place you oftently dream of in person you have a feeling of excitement you never had before. You feel proud of yourself for seeing such breathtaking landscapes. As I said before, the highlight is on the coast. You will first think about sandy beaches, but this is not the case. You cave shells instead. Of course I only walked on it and I didn´t get into the city, because as any other coast it´s windy, extremely windy. Wouldn´t it be amazing to visit the place during the summer? Just imagine how different it would be to any other beach city. 
Right in the heart of the beach you will find the Pier. Trust me it´s long, really long and it has plenty of games for people of all ages. But together with the wheel it is part of the scenery. I´m an obsessed with all beach landscapes, last year I got to whiteness the "out of this world" amalfi coast, but I happened to find Brighton equally appealing. If I ever have the opportunity of going back to London I would go back to Brighton or even stay some days here. I always say this, but I highly recommend it this time. There´s this thing people call charm that can´t be described, you just have to there to see what I´m talking about. 

Now let´s talk a little about my outfit. I don´t know if you are familiar with Brandy Melville, but I found out about it a couple of months ago. I remember I was in London at Topshop Oxford Circus (where else could I be?)  and I was looking for my weekend outfit, and with that sorted out I remember I had to get dressed the next day! I was like freaking out when I realised something simple would be great for this case. Brandy has a corner inside Topshop and it´s not as crowded as the one in Carnaby Street. I opted for a dress because it´s 100 times easier than anything else. And that was it! I had to wear tights because it was already cold, but the outfit ended up being cute and appropriate, so I´m happy.

Hope you enjoy the pictures! I love you all!


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