Moody Paris

Another day in Paris and the weather still hates us, and I think he is even madder than the previous day. Don´t get me wrong, I had fun but not because of the weather. Maybe it was just the excitement of visiting a place I´d never been to before. 
The plan for day two was to walk around the city but Mrs. rain didn´t want us to. We started the day at Galeries Lafayette. I was not planning on doing shopping because I was saving that activity for our last stop in London, but it´s a nice store that not only sells designer pieces, but it also has a Zara, a Topshop, American Apparel, even an Urban Outfitters store! You could spend the day in here. But you can´t leave without going to the rooftop. I think that the view from this spot is the best one you can get from Paris, mainly because you can see the Eiffel Tower. Breathtaking! 
Our day continue with hours of walking and taking in the french architecture. Yeah, that´s a part of travelling to. What´s the point if you don´t get to see how people live, even if you don´t like it, you need to understand a little bit.
Suddenly we sport some banners with Elle France covers on them. It looks like the magazine is turning 70 years and it´s celebrating with an exposition of it´s best covers. I really like one from 1975 because it had the french flag in it and it goes perfect with the trip, right?
Next we got immersed in the craziness of the avenue des Champs Elysees, with the mission of getting to the Triomphe Arc, BUT due to the bad weather conditions we didn´t make it there. We could catch a glimpse while crossing the street from afar, but never maneged to get close. We first head to Abercrombie because the store is literally the best! And when we came out it started to drizzle a little so we continue and we had a break in Laduree!!! If you are not familiar with the place, it´s a tea house specialised in macarons. This is a must see place! They are originally from Paris so it was a dream of mine to eat a Laduree macaron in Paris. 
When we finish it was no longer drizzling, but pouring rain!! And we finish the Parisian fun here... 

If you want to know more about Paris, in a month aprox. I´ll be posting a video and a travel guide.

Hope you enjoy it!

I wore: HM trousers, Topshop trench, and Mango top


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