I Love Notting Hill

Notting Hill or wonderland? There´s some kind of magic in this district and I´m definitely enchanted by it. As 90% of the humans beings I´ve seen the movie "Notting Hill" but, even though I really liked it, I never payed attention to the background. In fact, it was not until I arrived and surrounded myself with the Notting Hill air, that I finally noticed how fantastic it was! The perfect word to describe it is: picturesque. The buildings are all the same, repeated one after the other, but the different is on the colours, The door has a colour and the the house walls another, and that guarantees that there are no repetitions. When I come to Notting Hill I got the same feeling as when I got to the Soho in New York, it´s an old place but very popular amoung the youth at the moment. Maybe I´m wrong, but if I had to live in London in this moment of my life it would be here without doubt. Plus you are less than 10 blocks away from the Kensington Gardens and you can take the underground that takes you Selfridges and Oxford Circus, what else can you ask for?
As regards the day activities we simple wonder around and admired the place. It´s very quiet around the area, but I made a terrible mistake on going on a Saturday. This day there is a market on Portobello road, the main street, and I thought it was going to be cute, but in the end it was terrible. Absolutely crowded and the only things you could "admire" from the market was the smell of the spicy food. But you know what? Because of this I was obliged to walk around the not-so-important streets and they ended up being prettier than the the crowded Portobello. For me food is crucial, and we had the excuse to sit down twice. We had breakfast at a new place located at the beginning of Portobello road, "Farm Girl Cafe". Everything here was delicious, healthy and fresh. We skipped lunch because of our late breakfast, and went directly to an afternoon tea at one of the coolest places in London that specialises on biscuits, "Biscuiteers". It´s place full of biscuits, like heaven on earth, don´t you think so? I´ll be making a post on my favourite food stops so make sure to stay tuned. 
As I´ve been telling you, I love Notting Hill, and I wanted to wear something that I liked as much.(which was not difficult because I´m in LOVE with all my London outfits) I decided to keep it simple but PERFECT. First I decided on a basic pair of blue jeans. Then a cute top, this one is from Primark but no matter the price it looks really cute. It´s made with some kind of material that resembles lace but is thicker, and has black thin tie that you can tie around you neck with a bow. This style is an all time classic. If you are looking for a way to innovate you shirts, a small bow as a tie is the best idea. Maybe it´s not the most original, but is an all time classic. On the other hand, for the shoes I opted for the trendiest shoes of the season. I´d been on the hunt for a pair of lace-up ballet flats for a while, but when I saw this ones from River Island with a golden heel I instantly got them. I know that I´m always recommending things, but if you want to add a pair of shoes this season, the lace-up flats are the ones. They are cute as all flats, but they have an extra. They go with jeans and I´ve seen it with shorter things as dresses, but still have to try it. I finished the look with the most natural make-up and the glitter pink sunnies. I guess I don´t need to say where are they from, right? 
There´s only one more thing left, this outfit is THE perfect outfit for a day in which you want to be comfortable with your jeans, but a little bit more formal. THE OUTFIT!


I wore; this Zara Jeans, this Primark tie shirt, this lace-up River Island flats, and this Miu Miu sunglasses


  1. Delighted to hear you enjoyed our Notting Hill Icing Cafe! Hope you'll be back soon.

    Be sure to check out some of our upcoming events at the cafe here: http://www.biscuiteers.com/biscuiteers-shop-icing-cafe-notting-hill

  2. Absolutely! Next time I visit London I´ll go straight to you store. I´m going to be writing about my favourite places to have tea in London and you are definitely on the list. x


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