Temporary Metallic Tattoos

Back in the days we all used to wear temporary tattoos. I remember they used to come inside the bag of chips and they were definitely the first thing I went for. Now, if you still think temporary tattoos look good, you don´t need to act like a child anymore. Since last summer the "golden tattoos" has become a must together with your swimsuit. Yes, to that level. Celebrities wear them, girls with horrible tan lines wear them, my mom wears them, everybody! 
They come in metallic colours as silver and gold and many people wear them to resemble a jewellery. I´ve also seen a leave that would look really nice. Of course there are bigger designs but I believe that with one or two somewhere in the arm is enough. 
I say give them a try! (Bare in mind that they are quite difficult to remove. They last up to a week)


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