Red Flowers

I think this is going to be my last summer post. I took the pictures around two months ago when I was in Aruba, and since I took SOOOOO many pictures it took that long to finish publishing them. This time it´s the typical cover up. If I´m not wrong I got this dress at HM by the time they launched a collection for Coachella. You can see that it´s very boho, but at the same time it´s fashionable (ahem 70´s) and beach appropriate. Everybody is loving crochet at the moment, and even though this dress is not the case, it has a similar asthetic. It´s red/bright orange and I´m not a huge fan of the colour, like it´s colour block with the landscape of white sand and blue skys. But now that I take a look at the pictures, the contrast of the colours is what makes me smile. 
In other news tomorrow I´m leaving on a new adventure and for that reason I won´t be publishing "personal style" posts for the next 20 days, BUT I will go on with all the Fashion Week updates! (Street Style and Fashion Shows from NY, London, Milan and Paris)
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Thank you for reading and see you all soon!


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