Little Printed Dress

Trends come and go, but the babydoll is a classic. It´s like the LBD, every woman owns one. They are quite flattering if you ask me, but are not the best option for windy days, trust me. For example, they day I took this photos it was extremely windy (nothing unusual for Aruba) and I had two options, going and holding the dress down or not doing them. I think the answer is obvious, but it´s not very comfortable. Another thing you need to have in mind is "DON´T WEAR IT WITH HEELS" never! A pair of sandals or flats will do. And specially a pair of lace up flats that are so fashionable at the moment. For example here or here.
Hope you like it and take is as inspiration for a dinner out for the holidays or just extremely hot day!
My dress is from Forever 21 and this one is an alternative. 


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