Kimono 123

Kimonos? Yes, that's how those shirts without buttons are called, like the ones made popular by the Japanese culture. In fact, they are kind of similar. They are open in the front and have loose sleeves. Of course they are much more modern. Transparent, floral, shorter, and the majority of them have a fringe in it´s ends. Perfect for a twirl, right?
 Personally I love them as a cover up for the beach and are comfortable as they are loose. I got mine on a sale at HM, and also linked you some pieces I´m liking at the moment. 
You can also take a look at how I styled another kimono over a year ago here.


I´m wearing: this hat, this VS bikini top, this denim sunglasses


kimono por ornelga made on Polyvore

Anna Sui kimono jacket
8.900 ARS -

ASOS black poncho
265 ARS -

Topshop silk kimono
1.165 ARS -

ASOS clothing
710 ARS -

Zara kimono
650 ARS -

650 ARS -

ASOS floral kimono
605 ARS -

Topshop fringe kimono
600 ARS -


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