Wearing all white is a tricky outfit. Not many people enjoy the final look of wearing white, but if you are not afraid of it, it´s such a colour for those days in which you are a little bit more tanned. There must be a reason why people in Brasil wear white on New Year, right? I decided to give it a try an evening on my recent holidays and I´m happy with the final result. Maybe because the outfit was really loose you don´t see the "negative effects" of wearing white. 
I want to tell you in advanced that I´m wearing the top the other way round, with the back on the front, just because I found it cutter back then
And I would also like to warn you on how windy it was! Don´t judge my pose, judge the wind!
Will you try an all-white outfit on your next holidays?


P.S.: My tanning lines are so... funny! You are allowed to laugh.

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