OrneLGA Travels to: Aruba

As you all might have already seen, last July I travelled to Aruba. I destination I picked because it´s one of the few island in the Caribbean region that is tornado free during July. And why July? That´s easy, because I had my winter holidays and this place is hot, literally HOT, the whole year. I can´t complain taking into account the temperature difference with home.
Let me say this first, the place is breathtaking! What I always say is that the place is naturally beautiful. A sea I´ve never seen. No waves, just the calm water with some noises from those who dare to do a water sport (not surf as there are no waves).
If I have to tell you what are the best things to do there, I just say enjoy the beach. Try to relax and take advantage of the calm water. There´s a misconception that the place is a paradise for couples. I couldn´t disagree more. There were plenty of families with kids of all different ages, and a scarce amount of couples.
Hotels are located in Palm Beach, aka beside the beach, and there are many places to eat in the zone such as Hard Rock or TGIF, many Italian food places, Starbucks, ice-cream shops... You will find somewhere to eat. The problem for me was that everything was spicy and I´m not used to it. And there aren´t many salads on the menu, but I survived.
Shopping time! They say Aruba is the ideal place to buy jewellery, but I only shopped in the regular places as Pandora and Swarovski, so don´t ask me about that. JeJe
Besides the places I just mentioned, you can also shop at Mango, Victoria´s Secret (don´t be a fool, you can only find things as bags, creams and panties as in the airport), Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein underwear, Crocs, Swatch... and many more places, but those are like the most affordable, kind of.
Usually our routine was waking up and having breakfast and going directly to the beach and staying there until 3:30 p.m. because hotels remove their stuff, like chairs, around 4:00 and we didn´t want to sit on the floor. We generally went for an iced coffee inside Starbucks with air conditioner (I making this remark because the weather is extremely hot). Back at the hotel we showered and get ready for the night. We went walking a little bit, maybe some shopping in both shopping centres of the area and if you are in the mood, at on of them, "Paseo Herencia" there are some free shows like singers, dancers, things for kids and of course, the dancing water. Oh, and some dinner... There are also some stands with crafty jewellery at night, and more arts.
As I mentioned before, hotels are located in Palm Beach, don´t stay far away, here you will have the beach, shops, places to eat, the cinema, shows...by hand. If you want to visit the capital city, my recommendation is to take a public bus and in 30 minutes you are there. It´s a must see place. Maybe there isn´t much to see, but it will take you half of the day. If you want to read more about it, I wrote an article here.
I already talked about accommodation, but how do you get there??? If you come from south America, the majority of the planes set off from Colombia. In my case, I first I left Buenos Aires, arrived in Peru, went to Colombia and took the third plane, of just one hour, to our final destination. It was soooo hard!! Luckily there´s not much time change so there was not jet lag for those reasons, but after so many hours of travelling you feel extremely tired. I just wanted to have a shower, eat and go to bed. But everything in Aruba is quite sloooow, and we had to wait for like an hour before getting our room. My advice is, try not to be late to the airport, because they are so slow that will end up loosing your flight. I don´t know why, but it´s probably because of their chilled lifestyle. On one hand is quite positive, but if you are looking for effectiveness this is not the place for you.
Personally I had a nice stay, I don´t know if I would like to go back. It a very long trip, probably I wouldn´t go back, but it´s naturally beauty. If you like the beach it´s totally worth it.

Below there are some pictures of the place, but if you want to see more, make sure to look for the tag "aruba" on the tags at the side. In social media, Instagram, I´ve been using the hashtag "OrneLGAtravelstoAruba", and what´s more, for the first time you can see things in movement because... I filmed a video!!!! I´m leaving it at the end of the post, and make sure to subscribe on You Tube for upcoming videos. My name is Orne Galvez, and give it a thumbs up if you enjoy it!

Thank you all for reading and if you have any questions you can always comment.




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