My photo made it into a book!

Actually it´s not my picture. Solene Crepin and I took this photograph ages ago for a school project, but what we didn´t see comming is that years later the teacher called us and asked us if he could use it for the cover of his book! How could we say no? 
What´s more, he asked me to attend the book presentation and talk a little bit about the experience! Nerves instantly got the worse of me, but in the end with a lot of support from my friends I managed to give out a nice speach. I really want to thank my friend who were there at that time despite anything. Thank you! And also for taking the pics!!! haha
This is not only something SUPER important (as my mother says) in my life, but I also had a hard time in deciding what to wear. That made me realise that maybe a lot of people have the same problem, when you have an event but it´s not formal and you don´t want to wear a pair of jeans as you do everyday. Well, after a long debate I opted for a fitted black dress that has a very clasic cut, and a cocoon coat over it. It was cold, and as my dress was short sleeves I didn´t take it off during the event. As regards shoes, heels were not an option, and I´ve been seeing the "dress+boots" convination quite a lot during fashion week, I decided to try it. It makes the outfit ten times more comfortable and casual than a pair of heels, without looking sporty as if you were wearing sneakers. The three options work well, but they kinda of define the level of formality. 
Bellow you can see my outfit and some pictures from the event. I want to thank Gonzalo for picking our picture, it´s a total honor. And also, a big thank you to my friends! I know it was cold, but you were there.
Before I forget, you should totally check Solenes (co-photographer of that pic) youtube channel where she posts some covers with good quality videos! Trust me the videos are insane with amazing views of the city of Paris! You Tube Sole Crep

Thank you for reading! Have a nice day!


My friends Checha and MM (they are sisters)

My colleagues, Pablo, Williermina and Cristian.

 THE photograph


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