Inside a tree

  Hi guyss!!! I´m so happy at the moment because yesterday I finally sat for my last mid-term exam and hopefully, if I pass, I´ll be able to solely focus on my English studies and most importantly, on this, my blog. I´m not only happy, but also tired and kind of at a lost. It probably only happens to me, but when you don´t have any timetable for when to study, it´s hard to get on the road. 
  Anyway, this post is still about "easy to pull off" and "comfortable" beachwear. Previously I talked about the shirtdress and the oversized t-shirt, and today it´s time to discuss the importance of a simple dress. The more I think about it, the less simple this dress seems to be. It´s a kind of crochet material and it has a variety of colours, mainly orange. Bright colours, as the ones on my dress, are summer exclusives, especially if they are on the clothes and not the accessories (don´t get me wrong, I´m not saying orange is the new black).
  This pictures were taken in Aruba, if you leave near me you are probably laughing at my clarification, because it´s winter here and under no circumstances you can wear a strappy dress. I can´t believe  it´s already 2 weeks since I came back, and what´s more, I´m so behind with all the blogposts!

Hope you all have a lovely end of the week! 

windy Aruba!

Topshop Dress
Quay Sunglasses
Guess Flip Flops


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