Halter Bikini Crop Top

Sunday, more precisely a lazy Sunday due to excessive raining, and when I say excessive it means like 5 days in row. It´s moments like this, when I feel grateful for having been by the sea last month. Even now that my tanning has began to fade, I can still see the evident marks caused by this bikini. Despite the weird appearance you will have when you wear a strappy top, this bikini tops are quite flattering according to my friend Clari. I´m not 100% sure about that, but what I do know is that "crop top bikinis" are quite fashionable at the moment. From what I read, they are ideal for people with small chests, but I would rephrase it and say they work well for people with small chest who don´t want to look bigger. Anyway if you like it, wear it, with a lot of sunscreen.
My bikini is from Zara, and I´m not that sure if it is a bikini or just a top. I´m pretty sure it´s sold out because I bought it sometime around march, but here are some high neck crop top bikinis that I´m currently loving.

Ella Moss (very similar) - Topshop (stripes) - She Made Me (crochet) - Seafolly (colourful print) - Beach Riot (floral) - Victoria´s Secret (very sexy) 

Pose first, laugh afterwards...


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