August Shopping Guide + Trends

I think it´s time to start planning your shopping for whatever season it´s coming next. Articles on Autumn fashion are already going around, spring/summer trends will shortly start to fade away from street style, but don´t panic if hot weather is coming next for you can go back to the archives.
For the ones who are having hot weather next, remember that a boohoo style will look amazing, said flare pants, a-line skirts, fringed pieces, suede, lace. The co-ord and the kimono are great ideas to implement next. I would also invest (if you don´t know how to diy) in a good crochet bikini and a pair of round sunglasses. I´m seriously dying over the round Ray-Bans... I´m going to get them next!
If you live in the north hemisphere, be aware that there are many trends going around, but not all worthy. I think that shiny coats will work, it´s original and not that farfeched. As regards outerwear, Stella McCartney has launched a collection of faux fur that for me looks super real! Also, taken from the 90´s mini skirts are making a comeback! As well gingham prints. And don´t forget about the cropped loose jeans, no more flares, it´s cropped now. I don´t know if I like them that much, but who am I to tell you "don´t"? Oh, and for the transition, laced up flats are a must!!!!
Below I listed a couple of items I think that will look amazing on the streets, or at least they will work as inspiration for you! 

August Shopping Guide


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