Arubian Sunset

Today, actually my whole week, has been terrible. Probably one of the worst of my life. I know my problems might be kind of unimportant in comparison to other people lives, but I still get really stressed. Firs insecurity, then the power went off, at uni I came across technical problems with one of the subject I sat for long ago, the I broke a chair (not the sit, the table), I came home and I ate a bunch of Oreos with a hot chocolate and I´m currently regretting it, and now that I can finally sit down and do what I like I find out that my computer charger is not working. Oh, and not to mention that I´m quite nervous for a presentation I have to do tomorrow night and I still have to study it. I know that I´m probably freaking out a lot and it´s not necessary, but I just can´t help it!!! 
I know I need to do something to make this day worth it, so I decided to publish my favourite set of pictures from my days back in Aruba. Those were the days... Seriously! I´m not that kind of person who, after arriving back home wants to go back to places because that means that there are new adventures to come. But I do wish time could stay still sometimes. For example when I was on top of the Empire State breathing cold fresh air, or those 30 minutes I spent on the London Eye taking in the view with my school friends. Those are moments you can cherish for the rest of your life. I know that this pictures look quite nice, but (there's always an ugly truth behind something nice) that day I was dying!!! Literally, my body was crazy! I never feel bad, like staying in bed bad, but that day was a black sheep in my life. But I needed to go and see the sunset, and yeah I got up, did my hair, my make up and put on this LOVELY dress I got at Victoria´s Secret. I remember wanting to get it in another colour, but now I really this one. It has a quite a long cleavage, something I´m not used to wearing, but I´m also not used to getting sick, so why not? Besides, I works as the perfect cover-up for a beach day, because after you put it on, you can still show off your bikini top! haha

I hope you day was much better for you and you didn´t break any table! Sorry if I´m a little bit annoying with my problems, but my life, as any other life, is not perfect. Nowadays, in social media we only share our happy moments in life (I mean, nobody will like a picture of a pile of work), but this probably lead to the misconception that others people lives are perfect, and listen to me, THEY ARE NOT! Just keep in mind we post the good things, but we have bad days, we just have to learn how to deal with negativity.



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