A day in Oranjestad

Oranjestad, the orange city, is the capital of the Island of Aruba. It´s just 30 minutes from the hotels area (beach area) and you can have access to it by taxi or bus. We took the bus to see how it worked, and it was really fast, great service for less than $5. Once there you have a couple of places to do shopping. It quite picturesque, with style old buildings in vibrant colours and plenty of palm trees (useless to prevent you from sun rays). The area count with some shops, specially designers, and other places as Mango, Victoria´s Secret and Swarovski where I love shopping! haha 
The landscape is breathtaking. If you visit the place I highly recommend going to the port and just enjoying the view. And also take a picture of yourself while enjoying the view standing at that bridge, you´ll like it. And before I forget, a must is the "I LOVE ARUBA" sign, to show people you were really there.  

Old Zara sandals


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