Winters Violets

  What lipstick should I wear this winter? That´s easy, violet in all it´s shades is the answer. As soon as I spotted the trend I decided to get new lipstick (I´d been wearing a Maybelline super stay one for ages, so I wanted a change). I´ve never tried any lipstick from Bobbi Brown, but she has a very good reputation, so I went directly to see what colours she had. I spotted quite a few that looked like violet, but when you try them on they were just pink, so I opted for this shade called "Electric Violet" from the Rich Lip Color range. I loved this colour because it´s not very strong, not very dark. My fear when wearing dark shades is looking pale, specially during winter. I´ll leave those colours for punk people. 
  I know it´s hard to wear colourful lipsticks, but it feels nice to change once in while. Don´t make a drastic change from a gloss to a wine almost black colour. My recommendation for a violet is to wear it only in winter and if you are afraid that it will call all the attention, wear an accessory, as I did here with a scarf, to divide the attention between them. 
  Another tip for wearing a colourful lipstick is not to wear much make up, try something more natural. In my case I almost never wear eyeliner (not even eyeshadow), firstly because I prefer wearing lipstick, and secondly because I´m terrible at doing so.
  Hope it´s useful and you start wearing more colours!

I´m wearing: 
this Bobbi Brown lipstick in Electric Violet
- Zara boots
Topshop shirt (on sale)


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