Wimbledon 2015

If you are expecting a Tennis analysis you are in the wrong blog. Today the issue is what celebritys wear to Wimbledon. It´s quite interesting taking into account that is summer, which means the weather is extremely hot, and also formal restricted by the fact that it´s during the daylight. You can take some inspiration from what the people below even if you aren´t going to such a fancy event.
I absolutely love Wimbledon for the amount of "well known" people that attend the matches, and I´m also trying to improve my blogs content by including more articles about various things, not only personal style. So stay tuned for more news, trends, events, and beauty, I´ll do my best.

I also want to dedicate this post to my dear friend, Aldi, who loves tennis and we oftently talk about it, well actually I ask her and, afterward, answer her something quite ignorant. But I do bring her all the best dressed info. I don´t know how she copes with me...Love you!

Let´s see who made it to my list this year and are you team Roger or team Novak ?

Cressida Bonas

 John Legend and Chrissy Teign

David and Vic..., Romeo Beckham

Ellie Goulding

Karlie Kloss

Laure Whitmore

Pippa Middleton

Jim Chapman and Tanya Burr

The Duke and Dutches of Cambridge

Sienna Miller

Stella McCartney

Niall Horan

Kim Sears, aka, the queen of Wimbledon style. Her husband migh not be the winner, but she deffinitly aced it out off the court.


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