The shirtdress becomes a cover-up

A couple of months ago I wrote a post where I was wearing this shirt but styled for a total different weather. If you wish, you can take a look you can click on this link: "Literally a Shirtdress". You may also noticed that I expressed my intentions of wearing it on the beach as a cover-up, and finally the opportunity came and I didn´t let it go. I´ve seen people wearing oversized shirts as easy beach clothes, and I needed to try it myself.  They look and actually are quite comfortable for the occasion. I went to the beach, got all sandy, and when the time to leave came, I just slipped on this shirt, tidied up my hat and off I went to walk through the city. I feel really happy with the result and next time I have an opportunity I´ll definitely get another oversized shirt specially for summer days.
PS: in case you didn´t know, I visited Aruba last week and that´s why you´ll be seeing many summer outfits for the next couple of weeks.

Get the look:

- Hat (zara)


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