Friday, 3 July 2015

That 70´s style

Lately, some items from the 70´s fashion are coming back. We can blame designers as Hedi Slimane for Yves Saint Laurent or Peter Dundas for Pucci, among others, for making some items "fashionable" again. This is not a new phenomenon, fashion comes and go, but this time it focuses on the last period of the "hippies" mixed with the "disco" era, resulting in something in between, more casual but not simple. I wouldn´t say that this period was far fetched but, as it is associated with "freedom" it is for sure vibrant. The more you investigate about this era, the crazier it gets, it´s literally a period of where many trends worked together. If you are really interested I highly recommend you to read this article from, that describes all the trends.
Some items I highly recommend you to get to master the trend are:
-Flared pants: Jeans come high waited and wide legs from the knee below and go perfect with blouses and crop tops. Also pants with with different prints and materials are really trendy, but more sporty. But a pair of flared jeans is a must.
-A-line skirt: it´s super easy to wear item that I already talked about here.
-Platform shoes: are the most comfortable heels to wear and look great with the flared jeans that necessarily need to be worn with a kind of high heel.
-Round Sunglasses: I´m a huge fan of sunglasses but I think that you need to have a pair. Just think that there was once a man that became iconic for wearing them.
-Floppy hats
-Loose Blouses
-Graphic tees
-Crop tops, even crochet tops
-Furry coats: are not only warm but trendy
-Booties, maybe some with laces, even the ones that reach under the knee
-Fringed items as jackets are necessary. Maybe not the most iconic pieces from this era, but definitely a must item for the season.
From all the items above, the most important one would be a pair of flares, and bellow you can take a look at how I styled many items adapting it to the present. 

That 70´s style

This pieces can be a bit tricky, but your trick is to pair them correctly. For example, take a pair of flares and wear them with high heel clogs so that you don´t look stocky. It´s more common sense than what you think. Add a statement hat to call the attention, don´t wear much make up. Keep it simple as all the pieces are already attention graving on their own.
If you are looking for some inspiration from the actual 1970´, I highly recommend taking a look at Lauren Hutton, Bianca Jagger, Farrah Fawcett, Jerry Hall and the archive from the Studio 54 guests crazy nights. Seriously, I was recently reading an article by Tommy Hilfiger and he made me want to live that time in New York, he talked with such an inspiration. I wouldn´t call it glamorous, but different, change, revolution, in politics, but more importantly in the fashion field.
I´ve been saying "the 70´s are back" quite a lot recently and I will still say it until a new thing surprises me. Do you want to get on board and try it?

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