Sunday, 16 August 2015

mirrored sunglasses

Tred Alert!!!
Unless you have been living alone in an isolated island, you probably already know that mirrored sunglasses are the hottest trend this summer. Either you are staying in the city or you are taking a trip to the city, they will suit you. This season mirrored sunglasses are a thing. Fashionable, stylish, even elegant. Yes, designers are into them as well, if you don´t believe me take a look at the most seen sunglasses of the month by Dior. At the end you can see a selection of mirrored sunnies I´m currently loving. They come in pink, blue, gold, silver...whatever you are looking for. Apart from Dior, Victoria Beackham has the aviators in all different colours, yes all of the ones from the rainbow and many more.
I realised they were going to be trendy, last february during Fashion Week when Gigi Hadid wore a pair from Quay Australia and everybody was talking about them. I´m glad that Topshop sells this brand because they have really cool shapes and as soon as I saw the ones I´m wearing bellow I knew I should get them. Really easy to pull of and quite loved by my friends. My mom, is wearing a pair of Ray-Bans she got some years ago but after month decided she hated them. Before going to Aruba I convinced her to take them as there´s nothing hotter this season. In the I was right, and now she is here! haha
 Take a look at us wearing mirrored sunglasses (and some cool videos) and shop the best ones at the end! 


 mirrored sunglasses

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