Minions Fever

For a while now, the Minions, the original animated characters from the "Despeciable Me" movie, have become a name worldwidi known and now have their own movie. I woundn´t say I´m obsessed but, as simple as they are, they make me laugh a lot. The fashion industry has also taken a step in the Minions world. Brands such as Rupert Sanderson created a pair of heels that were also worn by Sandra Bullock, who put the voice to Scarlett Overkill on the movie, on the L.A. premiere. Giles Deacon and SteveJ, and Yoni P. diden´t stay behind and created some pieces inspired by the yellow creatures. Bellow you can see and shop some of the items.


  Shop it here: minions por ornelga 

Another moment to remember is the interview Suzy Menkes for Vogue did a couple of interviews to fashion personalities as Dolce & Gabbana analyzing the influence of the overalls lovers in the industry. Take a look bellow, it´s really funny:

And last, I asked my friend Solene to write a review of the film. She´s got a special interest in the film industry and also in Minions.

Movie Review

Tenderness a thousand times! I'd like to say: "ohhh", "hilarious", "crazy"... Small words we do listen every day, but that in this film, become so true and asserted.
Perhaps those are the three words that can best describe the last film of the minions. Those lovely little yellow creatures have captured the whole world attention. So cute, and so deliciously funny, the minions have conquered our hearts. 

Trying to save all their tribe of minions, Stuart, Kevin and Bob, Go through the world to find their new boss! When they finally get someone, Scarlet, they have a challenge to succeed to finally be accepted in the despicable team! Yes, they have to steal the crown of the CUCARACHA !!!!! Oh no, i mean, the Queen of England... 
Oh dear Scarlet, "tu es bella con la papaya". How crazy is this new love for the minions. When they first appeared in "Despicable me", we certainly knew this small funny things were going to become our best friends! I think, what's most amazing about the minions, and that I realised seeing the last film, is that they are essentially kind and lovely! But also, they are not just an American creation, they are a wide world spread community. In fact, their own language proves it. They speak with words picked up on different languages that exist already, and I think that's the reason why they are so Universal. We all love them, because they talk to us all ! Like "gelato" that means ice-cream, "para tu" that means for you, or even "la crota"... ( well let us better not explore that meaning ! ) 
We just love listening to them! 

At last but not least, the film explores the ages and make us travel through the minions history. Definitely, the minions journey is the most fun we have had in a long time. The "sound off" voice, creates precisely all the hilarious allusions. But what's best, is that they are not like us, and so we are in a way transported to their own little world for the space time of the film, just an hour and a half of pure joy! Thanks to the minions! They are so cute! We love them! 

by Solene Crepin

Make sure to check her YouTube covers at Sole Crep

I don´t think we will have a revolution caused by animated creatures as this one for a long time, so why don´t writing about it. And before saying goodbye, I want to tell all the people that are skepticall of watching an animated film, "don´t be!" , It´s fantastic movie, you will laugh no matter the age.



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