Me and My Dog

Today it´s Clifford, my dog, Birthday! He is turning 14, he´s so old, but it also means that he could cope with me for a long time. He gets cutter with everyday that passes, and I can´t believe how much energy he has. When I come home I just want to do nothing but then I see and feel him jumping on me, and it gives me energy to carry on with the day. When I wake up and I´m super sleepy I can hear a dog whining and after playing a little bit with Clifford, I instantly turns my mood. I have plenty of story's to share with you, such as that time a couple of years ago that I was learning how to knit so I had to make him a sweater, but it ended up being a little small (just a little), and I remember that Clifford wore it and started to move less, but he never complained. This continued until my youngself realised that he had become inactive after I put him the sweater... He was so sweet!
I could go on with story's, but I just need to go give him big kiss!!! Happy Birthday Clifford! We love you!

Side story: I´m wearing this Adidas Lottus thighs I got at Urban Outfitter and I feel really comfortable in them. They stretch just the necessary and don´t get very thin and transparent. Another thing I wanted to tell you is my top, I got it last summer but I´d been saving it for a special occasion, a.k.a. today! (go to the end for all the links)


I´m wearing: 
a varsity jacket similar to this,
a pair of Vans 
and Daniel Cassin top.


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