The Story behind a pair of Sunglasses

The other day I was reading an article on the Harper´s Bazaar website on the comeback of the round sunglasses, that was attributed to either a hipster trend or another 70´s staple. But in my case the story behind this sunglasses is quite different. Around a year ago I saw the woman behind an incredible line of sunglasses, Valeria Mazza, wearing this model in the same colour. It was love at first sight. I instantly googled them, looked up on the website, followed them on their social media and I had no luck, until they launched the summer collection full of colourful sunglasses in pink, blue and yellow. I got my hopes back and instantly looked for them in stores. You know when you have an obsession and start to stare at every single store, but again the luck was not on my side. The the summer came and I kind of forgot, but it was still going around somewhere in my mind. I wasn´t until a couple of days (maybe 3 or 4) before my birthday this month that I spot them on window and I instantly called my mom and told her that I had found my gift and went to but them! Of course I didn´t open them until the 8th along with other beautiful presents I´m so thankful for. In the end, the learning is that you need to keep on looking for the things that you want to add to your wardrobe, don´t give up (not only on the search for fashion items, it applies to life in general).
So if you ask me, the round sunglasses are the new trend in eyewear for the season, specially for summer. As in winter, I´d rather have something in black or dark colours in a smaller size, like the typically Lennon pair. Do you dare to wear round sunglasses?

Sunglasses: Valeria Mazza Eyewear
Sweater: Zara

I also styles this pair of sunnies here!


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