Silly Little Print

Silly Little Prints is just a title and is not related to Pretty Little Liars, I came up with the name of the post (which is one of the hardest things about blogging) and then realised it was same structure as the series title. Yes, I know it´s not relevant but I just wanted to clear it out. 
Talking about this outfit, I´ll like to start by saying it´s one of the most down-to-earth outfits I´ve ever shared. I see it as something nice but simple, that you can wear it any day without feeling the center of attention of all the people on the street. I don´t know if my point is clear... I think that in this case my hair added a little bit more of spice to the look, but it´s just a simple really  loose french braid. I think that this day the luck was on my side, frankly I´ve never ever never tried to do a french braid to myself, this was the first time. I don´t know what you are thinking, but I see something quite acceptable for a first time!
Another point I want to make is the price. The jeans only cost $35 and I´ve been wearing them a lot lately, and the top is just $10! I really like the print as I feel represented as it has cats, heels, ice cream... I don´t need anything else to live. 

Have a lovely weekend and try to rest as much as you can because you never know when are you going to do it again. 

P.S. on Monday it´s my birthday and I don´t know how to feel about it... On one hand I think it´s your day, but when you realise it is not, I feel less special. Not to mention how tiring it is to organise the "party"...Anyway I´m off on a hunt of energy in my bed. x

HM jeansZara TRF top, rings from Topshop, shoes and bag from Zara (last year), and Ray-Ban sunglasses.


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