Literally a Shirtdress

A shirtdress could be simple descrived a an oversized shirt, like the typical xl men shirts but with proportionate sleeves. If I´m not wrong this design was created on the 60´s, but back then it had a more dress shape than it does now. A shirtdress has a loose fit and I can tell you that you´ll be feeling comfortable wearing it as it is not tight in any part of you body and it leaves it to the imagination.

You don´t only wear a shirtdress on the city, but it´s also a wonderful cover-up for the beach, but for me to show you how to style it, you´ll have to wait just a little more time. 

What shoes are the best for a shirtdress? The answer is so broad, oxford shoes are a clasic, but a good alternative are are low-top sneakers or round flats. High shoes as my boots or gladiator sandals look great to show less legs, and to make it more formal, a simple pair of closed toe heels would work. Some even dare to wear it with short booties, which I´m not 100% percent sure about, but what I can´t stand are socks, it´s like...I don´t know I don´t like it.

In my case I´m wearing a piece from HM collection that also hat a matching oversized sweater and looks great together. I tell you that they are versatile pieces, you should get it now before they sold out!

Have a nice week!

HM Collection oversisez turtleneck and shirt


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