Thursday, 11 June 2015

June Shopping Guide

To shop or not to shop, that is the question? Last week I was casually scrolling through Polyvore and I found the dress of my dreams. You can easily identify it as it is in the center of the picture bellow (apart from being the only dress). It might be dark, with no shape, no shine, but it has cats, and if it has cats it´s like gold. The dress belongs to the latest Victoria Beckham colletion and I´m thinkig about getting it next time I travel, what do you think? Anyway, the more I think the more I want it! To shop!
I also noticed that it´s a Little monochromatic, but I guess that´s what is fashionable this June. I picked some graphic t-shirts, I only own the one from DKNY (I´ll make a post with it next week), but I love the other two and their quotes, beside being more economical. I included a sweatshirt you should go and get now that is on sale from Adidas StellaSport, I have it and love it, I only wished it was longer. Last from the tops, there´s this crop from zara that I wished I own. I would pair it with basic jeans or wear it on the beach, but not everything comes to Argentina.
What I could get  here are the backpack and the hat, versatile pieces. The hat can be used on the beach or for cold days as long as there is no wind, and as regards the backpack, it´s informal of course, but the color and shape makes it more clean.
Last, but not least, I´d like to talk about some beauty products. Dolce & Gabbana launched this light blue lipstick under the collection "summer shine" and I´m head over heels about it! It´s light blue! Do you understand? I´ve made some research (which involves looking at videos in italian and so on) and the result is not blueish, it has a semi-shine pale blue finish. If I have the chance I´ll get one. Next, Topshop celebrated 5 years in the beauty market, so they made a special edition collection of lipsticks and nail polishes, and as in general the quality is good, I say you should take a look and if you like a color, get it.
Talkig about Topshop, I´m obsessed with this pair of sneakers from the collab they had with Adidas originals, it´s like a futuristic versión of the clasic superstars. Unfortunately, for the time I´ll go to Topshop they will have been sold out for ages.
So, do you have an answer to my first question now?

June Shopping Guide

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