It´s my Birthday!

As you might have already guessed today was my Birthday!!! It´s the most controversial date of the year for me because you are supposed to be happy as you´ve reached another year in your personal history, but do you ever think about the responsibilities that come with every new year? Being a child was so much easier! Planing your birthday only involved giving out the invitations, but now you have to plan it yourself. I´m not saying I´d like my parents to do so, I´m totally capable, but when I finally get time to rest it feels like I haven´t done it in the past year! I guess that tiredness is part of growing up, but if you think about it twice, is not such bad thing. I understand tiredness as doing something, it means that you´d been working hard, and what comes after are results, goals fulfilment, feeling happy with yourself. That´s everything that goes around my head when It´s my birthday, but don´t worry it´s just once a year!
As for the date of 2015, let´s start by saying it´s a Monday, the worst day of the week. Not to mention that today I had an exam! My day started around 7 a.m. and I got partially dressed. I decided I wanted to wear pyjamas outside as it was my birthday and nobody could criticise me, and of course they had to be pink. Even though I´d like to say "I woke up like this", I didn´t, but let´s pretend I did. I then did my make up and went downstairs where I came across my presents! Yey! My mom got me a pair sunglasses I´ve been looking for ages and I couldn´t be happier. They are perfect for the summer and are coming with me to Aruba for sure! (You can see the picture below) I also got a pair of pyjamas because you can already imagine I don´t have many as I end up wearing them outside... and Taylor Swifts álbum because you know, I love Taylor Swift! As regards Clifford and Leopoldo, they gave me smelly kisses!!
When the exam was over I was jumping with joy because it was finally time for food! I decided to celebrate with my Uni Friends today during the week as many of them don´t stay in the city on the weekend, and I will make a brunch at home on Saturday for my long term friend who are all studying different things and have different schedules. I´m not doing this just to have more party's...I´m really happy because I got to see many Friends I´ve made at university that are not sitting for the same classes as me this year so I don´t get to see them very often. We had tea at a very fancy place a friend of mines always talks about, so thanks for the info! It´s a lovely place named "d'o", simple, concrete and french. Highly recommended! I wish I could see this guys more frequently together, but as students, time is precious.
Back home I had dinner with my family, a.k.a. Mom and Dad, and as I got to choose what to eat we ordered pizza! This instantly makes it the happiest Monday of my entire life! As for dessert my mother made here birthday cupcakes, and right now I´m not only tired, but full. If you think about it I ate a lot! I guess hunger is something that comes with age, as well. Oh, and for the "happy birthday song" a friend for mine who sings and post videos online recorded herself and send it to me, so now I can avoid the uncomfortable moment of only mom singing!
Thanks to all the people who wished me a Happy Birthday, I really appreciate it, and I remember the gesture. Thankssss! I love you all!
a 19th years old Orne!

This is my gang group from University, they are Pablo, Yami, Carlitos, Aldi (the one that is always with me because we also used to go to school together), ME, Williermina, Lucia, Sofi and Cristian, who is always late. Now that I think about it, we were quite a lot!

Isn´t that card the cutest ever!!!


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